Simplify your printing and the tasks of managing your offices printing fleet to better handle costs and maintenance.

You used to need three different software solutions to manage your printing fleet. With Ricoh Streamline NX V3, you can manage costs, technology and administration.

Remotely manage your fleet of multifunction printers, perform upgrades, track meter usage, etc. 

Securely release your print jobs from any device, turn your multifunction printer into a powerful document scanning on-ray. Account for the costs and access of those using them, while setting quotas and rules around device use. All this with security features as well as mobile printing convenience.

Time saving device management for large offices

The solution is designed to be used in enterprises to offer a better way to manage and account for printer device use. Perform upgrades and configurations, report on fleet use, ensure MFP authentication by users, review customizable reports and enhance security. Provides a simple, modular solution to fleet management that can be accessed from mobile devices.

Device management that’s simple

Use it to simplify device management, scanning, faxing, printing, security and accounting tasks

Covers networked and non-networked devices

Create a simple way to set up, monitor and manage your fleet                                                                              

A proactive approach to reduce stress

Receive alerts via email when consumables are low. Access real-time information to reduce downtime of printers

Track use to reduce costs

Run over 90 reports and more than 35 dashboard reports to make informed decisions

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  • Paper feed table capacitye
  • 1,000 sheets
  • Paper delivery table capacity
  • 1,000 sheets
  • Paper weight
  • 47.1 - 209.3 g/m²

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